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"I was struggling to write my thesis and was feeling overwhelmed and blocked. Right-on-Track helped me get on the right path and pushed me to do my best work. 
The sessions were incredibly valuable, and the accomodation in terms of schedule and deadlines was excellent.
I am so grateful for their guidance and support. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone who is struggling with their writing."

Lara Martins, MSc


"The best of the sessions was that they were designed to my personal needs. Right-on-Track knows what to do and how to do it. It allowed a clear exchange of ideas and very effective tips to improve my daily productivity."

Pedro de la Patellier, MSc


"I was feeling a bit lost before starting the Right-on-Track sessions. The best of the sessions was that I got to understand how to organise my work and to be able to fulfil the deadlines. I honestly would have liked to continue longer the Right-on-Track sessions because they were helping me a lot."

Federico Gigli, MSc

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"I sought Right-on-Track because my master's thesis seemed like something impossible to achieve. From the very beginning, I had no doubt that I made the right choice. The work flowed smoothly, and the difficulties were left behind. The most important aspect was undoubtedly the relationship of trust, honesty, and constant collaboration, as it should be."

Gina Figueiredo, MSc student

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