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What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching is a personalized and supportive educational approach that aims to help students improve their academic performance, enhance learning skills, and achieve their educational goals.

What is the goal of academic coaching?

The primary focus of academic coaching is to empower students to become independent and successful learners. Coaches may assist students in various areas, including time management, goal setting, organisational skills, test preparation, note-taking techniques, and improving overall study habits.

What is the difference between academic coaching and tutoring?

Academic coaching differs from tutoring in that it goes beyond merely explaining subject matter; it emphasizes the development of essential learning skills and strategies that can be applied across different subjects and learning contexts.

What does academic coaching consists of? 

The academic coaching process typically involves setting clear objectives, creating personalized action plans, and providing ongoing support and encouragement to help students overcome obstacles and achieve academic excellence. The coach works collaboratively with the student throughout their educational journey.

What are our fees?

We have designed three packs of coaching. Feel free to contact us if you have further enquiries.

Can I book a FREE session?

It is very simple, just fill in this form.

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